Camille Mackler


Camille J. Mackler, Esq. is the Director of Legal Initiatives at the New York Immigration Coalition, where she works on issues relating to immigration law in New York. She has substantial experience representing clients before US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Immigration Courts, and Federal Courts of Appeals. Frequently, Mackler lectures on immigration law and advocacy issues surrounding the practice of immigration law.

When President Donald Trump signed an executive order creating a travel ban on immigrants from Muslim countries earlier this year, Camille Mackler and some of her colleagues helped mobilized hundreds of lawyers to the terminals at JFK airport to represent those being detained. The coalition built is now known as “No Ban JFK“. 

Mackler currently serves as the co-chair of the Media and Advocacy committee for the New York chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. She has a Juris Doctor. from New York Law School and a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service.

To stay updated on Camille’s work, follow her on Twitter at @cmackler.

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