Deva Woodly


Assistant Professor of Politics at The New School, Deva Woodly draws from political science, economics, sociology, and anthropology to create a unique pedagogy for herself and her students.

Woodly’s own work examines individuals and their place in various groups and how these groups can mobilize into effective social movements. Her research tracks how movements since the late 20th century have used digital platforms, like blogs and social media, to create spaces for self-articulation, properly frame messaging for a global world, and catalyze individuals to action.

As a scholar who combines both empirical and theoretical methods in her work, Woodly aims to move away from the formality of creating an interdisciplinary educational experience and instead naturally and effortlessly expose students to a more whole breadth of sources. Ultimately, Woodly wants her work to help people understand how powerful they are and how to use that power to do good.

Learn more about Deva Woodly’s work on her faculty profile at The New School.

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